Preparing Children for a Smooth Back-to-School Transition: Easy Mental Health Tips for Parents and Caregivers

As summer comes to an end, the back-to-school season approaches, which can be both exciting and overwhelming for children. After enjoying the more “relaxed” days of vacation, transitioning back into the school routine can be a challenge. To make this process smoother for kids, it's essential to prepare them mentally and emotionally. Let’s explore easy back-to-school tips that parents can...[ read more ]

Parenting a neurodivergent teen

Parenting a teenager can be stressful enough as it is, but adding neurodivergence (ADHD, autism spectrum disorder [ASD]) to the mix may make things feel complicated. Parents may feel overwhelmed and not know where to turn for help or how to get on the right track. Below is a beginner's guide to parenting a neurodivergent teenager: Do your research! Find out...[ read more ]

Practicing Acceptance as a Coping Strategy

By Mary Katherine Lance Do you know what to do if you get caught in a riptide at the beach? Our instinct says to swim against the riptide and straight to shore. But doing that doesn't work. It just drains all of your energy until you can no longer keep swimming. Instead, what you're supposed to do if you get caught...[ read more ]

Supporting Your LGBTQ+ Teen

by Shelby Albright, MMFT, LMFT So your kiddo just came out to you as something outside what you expected…and now you’re overwhelmed, confused, and maybe even scared for your child’s future. You want your kid to have an easy life, and you know being considered “different” usually creates more obstacles. Additionally, you are forced to face the expectations and hopes...[ read more ]

LEGO-Based Therapy: How to Support Social Development in Neurodivergent Young People

by Lisa Rivers, MMFT, LMFTA Is social connection one area of difference for your young person? Or do you observe social interaction with others as a stressor for your tween? Does your child need structure, clear rules, and clear boundaries to support their social growth and development? Does your child need support in areas that come natural to neurotypical individuals?...[ read more ]

I have a teenager, now what? by Stefanie Scott

Time has gone by faster than you ever thought it could. Everyone said it would go fast, but you didn’t realize how fast your baby would grow. Your little is now learning how to navigate adult-ish roles, adult-ish circumstances, and puberty. You might have noticed they have changed, not just in appearance but in how they interact with you. Perhaps...[ read more ]

Emotional Cutoff: Avoiding Emotional Pain

by Yvonne Fernandez Most of us learned in our childhood homes the consequences of touching a hot kitchen stove or putting fingers in the path of a closing door (ouch!). Besides appliances, doors and other potential physical dangers, home is also were we first felt good or bad about ourselves and others. Unlike physical injuries, hurt feelings are invisible; we...[ read more ]

Parenting Crash Course: Tips to Help Your Child Deal with Anger and Aggression

by Trilby Yonkovitz Some days it comes out of nowhere. Your family is having a great day and suddenly your child is kicking and screaming, throwing toys at the wall, demanding it’s not time for them to stop playing. You want your child to stop being so angry, but telling them to ‘Stop acting out’, or ‘Please calm down’, never...[ read more ]

How to manage anxiety symptoms during coronavirus: a guide for teens and young adults

By Ashley Hart The past 12 months have been wildly different from years past. At times, it may feel like the coronavirus pandemic has changed how we do everything. Social gatherings are different (or non-existent), education is virtual, everyone is masked, and anxiety and depression are on the rise (CDC, 2020). It’s important to normalize the feelings of grief that...[ read more ]

Active Play – A Daily Prescription for Good Health by Caroline Mittmann

With all the demands and stressors of today, there seems little opportunity or desire to add one more thing to the list, especially play or to exercise. For children, telling them to go outside to play might be the only thing they do the first time you tell them to; but, for adults, suggesting they go play or find some...[ read more ]

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