Leadership Consulting

Thinking about moving from a solo practice to a group?

Do you need a space to think differently about how to manage others?

Whether leading a sorority, an academic program, or two group counseling practices, I have developed my “boss” skills. Being a leader can be exhausting, lonely, and yet extremely rewarding. My goal for my clients is to lead their business as a strong leader, while maintaining humanity. Scheduling a consultation package with me will result in focused goal setting, creating healthy boundaries, work-life balance, and building a set of tools to keep a positive mindset in your profession.

Topics frequently covered include: self care, systemizing your business or practice, boundaries, mindfulness, supervision, creating a positive business culture, continually working toward diversity and inclusion as a white leader of privilege, creating clear handbooks, styles of leadership, traits of a good leader, understanding employees, difficult employees or colleagues, and optimizing yourself as a highly sensitive leader.


If you’re ready to level up your skills, I offer several packages to choose from to get started:

1 consultation appointment – $300
6 consultation appointments – $1650
10 consultation appointments – $2500

Speaking engagements are billed at a rate of $300/hour. Previous engagements include Working with Challenging Supervisees, Working Systemically as a Therapist, and using Play in Supervision.

To sign up, please use the following webform: Consultation Questionnaire

*Each consultation is booked for 50 minutes and can be scheduled by telehealth or in person.
Please note if you are signing up for counseling you should use the “Contact us page” on our website and fill out the form there.


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