Vanessa Walker, MMFT, LPC-MHSP

My name is Vanessa Walker (she/her) and as a Licensed Professional Counselor-Mental Health Service Provider (LPC-MHSP) I have worked with clients at each stage of mental health treatment. In my practice I work with adults seeking healing from trauma, stress and anxiety, relationship conflict, distorted thinking, addictive disorders, and family of origin issues.

I strive to always practice with cultural competence and humility and to be an ally to communities of color, diverse ethnicities, and the LGBTQ+ community. I respect all genders, orientations, and identities.

I am a practitioner of the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM), which is the cutting edge and gold standard of trauma therapy and performance enhancement. It is an advanced technique that incorporates many body based disciplines into one discipline and addresses the unconscious ego states/ parts that hold the behaviors that create challenges in relationships.

The therapeutic process is one of illuminating the beauty of becoming whole. We honor feelings of brokenness we all carry and we don’t ignore the devastation of suffering and trauma. Together we invest in the intrinsic healing process that opens us to the joy of fully existing within the present moment.

Vanessa is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Molina Medicaid, Molina Marketplace, Absolute Total Care Medicaid, AmBetter, Select Health Medicaid, Healthy Connections Medicaid, Humana Medicaid, and has self pay options.

945 E Main St Ste 5
Spartanburg, SC 29302

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